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Compressor Coolers

Within the industry, air compressors are commonplace for powering tools and machines. Oversluizen also has the knowledge in house for these applications to design customer-specific compressor cooling for special applications, both cooled with a fan and with (sea) water.

Cooling by means of a fan

Industrial compressor coolers are often made out of aluminum or stainless steel. The aluminum coolers used by Oversluizen are characterized by a very efficient heat transfer due to the small wall thickness and good thermal properties of aluminum. Depending on the used coolers, it is possible to produce suitable coolers up to 10 bar working pressure.

Water cooled incl. condensate drain

In addition to the more standard air-cooled applications, Oversluizen also represents the Alfa Laval GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) product range, formerly Airec. These coolers are distinguished by a very low air-side resistance, built-in condensate drain and a wide variety of possible applications.

The asymmetrical design of the coolers makes them well suited for cooling two very different types of media with different flow rates.

The GTL range is suitable for cooling oil as well as oil-free compressors, up to 25 bar at 90 degrees Celsius.

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