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What we do

Knowledge of engines is of extreme importance, specialized in the development of unique solutions. Due to the long-term cooperation with the engine suppliers, Oversluizen gained a lot of knowledge and specifications of all importers of industrial diesel and gas engines. Products for the different sectors, such as : industry, marine, off-shore, installation- and vehicle engineering chemistry and aggregate construction are also available.

In addition to these motor specific standards at a thermal and pressure level, there are other factors that are of importance for installations within a certain environment. Think about noise requirements and environmental factors that can be aggressive and / or polluting or explosive.



These are the stories from the past, in which Oversluizen helped design a client specific cooling system. From 60 degrees ambient temperature to systems that are deployed in UPS systems in datacenters and Atex-Eex-d systems for offshore installations.

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Tailor-made work

Oversluizen Thermal Engineering is specialized in the in-house calculation, design and manufacturing of cooling systems for combustion engines in close consultation with the commissioner.

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Modificate reparatie

Modification and repair

In addition to the new construction of specialized cooling systems, Oversluizen is also specialized in repairing and / or modifying industrial cooling system. Within Oversluizen, I.R.S.O. (Industriele Radiateuren Service Oversluizen) takes care of these activities.

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