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Modification & Repair

In addition to the new construction of specialized cooling systems, Oversluizen is also specialized in repairing and / or modifying industrial cooling system. Within Oversluizen, I.R.S.O. (Industriele Radiateuren Service Oversluizen) takes care of these activities.

Modifications and repairs include small repairs to the cooling block and replacing and / or modifying the current system. In addition I.R.S.O. also implements complete turn-key projects in the field of cooling.

Modificatie en reparatie

Since Oversluizen has its own manufacturing facilities, cooling systems can be renewed, repaired or modified in-house, without intervention of other manufacturers or suppliers. This own facility ensures a short turnover during repairs.

Modificatie & ReparatieModificatie reparatie

We like to join the customer in the thinking process and ensure minimal down-time of the machine. In addition, replacing measures can be taken in consultation with the client, to guarantee reliability.

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