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Tailor-made work

Oversluizen Thermal Engineering specializes in calculating, designing and producing cooling systems for internal combustion engines. We do this in close consultation with the client. From IMO I to Tier 4 final and Stage V engines.

Depending on the type of installation and the associated (environmental) requirements, Oversluizen can develop a product ranging from one type of cooler to a combination frame with different types of coolers.

  • Motor water (Jacket water) warm HT circuit
  • CAC water cooled (low temperature) LT circuit
  • CAC fan air cooled
  • Oil cooler
  • Fuel cooler (diesel cooler)
  • Heat recovery

From request to quote

  1. Engine data is requested and analyzed, possibly in consultation with the engine manufacturer, any variables are recognized and discussed.
  2. Calculations of the various coolers are made on the basis of the design criteria such as dimensions and noise requirements.
  3. From these calculations follows a required airflow and resistance, on the basis of this amount a fan is calculated taking into account any additional resistance for sound-absorbing measures that are yet to come.
  4. Once the calculations have been made, the engineering department makes an initial design, which includes the specifications of the coolers, the fan and global dimensions.
  5. In consultation with the end customer, details such as supports, the location of the connections, and any certifications, type of finish, and color protections will follow


Based on these amounts, a fan is calculated in which any additional resistance for soundproofing measures that need to be taken, is observed.When these calculations have been performed, engineering creates a draft design. With the calculations of the coolers, the fan and the draft design, the drawing department creates the first concept design.

Then, it’s all about details in consultation with the customer, such as supports, the locations of the connections, any certifications, types of finishing, the color, security etc.

The diversity in clients requires a diversity of certifications. Oversluizen provides the customer with the possibility certifications such as Bureau Veritas (BV), Germanischer Lloyds (GM), American bureau of Shipping (ABS) up to Atex-certified cooling packages. Also welding certifications in compliance with Stoomwezen quality mark are posibilities.

Do you have questions about one of our services?

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