Charge air cooling, also known as intercooling, is an essential part of the modern combustion engine. A low intake air temperature means more oxygen and therefore lower fuel consumption. The specifically developed plate cooler with asymmetrical design brings compact size to your application.

Maximum back pressure

Due to emission requirements, a very low resistance for the turbo air circuit applies to all engines with turbos. Excessive back pressure in the intake circuit will make it more difficult for the exhaust gases to escape, which will cause combustion problems. Oversluizen has gained a lot of experience with built-in controls over the years and knows what is needed to deliver the right solution in 1 go.

Customer demand:

Design a water-cooled charge air cooler for a Deutz BF6M1015CP.

Watergekoelde turbolucht koeling

Engine data Deutz BF6M1015CP @ 1800 rpm 285kW:

Charge air (turbo) Cooling water 
Heat68.3 kWPercentage glycol30%
Mass flow0.52 kg/sVolume flow5 m3/uur
Maximum workingpressure1.8 bargMaximum back pressure< 0.4 bar
Maximum manifold air temperture @ 40 degrees C ambient< 70 °C
Maximum backpressure10 kPa


Selected heat exchanger: GLH150

These copper brazed heat exchangers in Alfa Laval’s GTL range are plate coolers as commonly used in the industry and HVAC world, but with an increased distance between the plates and a dimple design for the air section to keep pressure drops very low.


Water side Charge air side 
Volume flow5 m3/uurMass flow0,52 kg/s
Pressure drop0,13 barPressure drop5 kPa
Temperature in40 °CTemperature in200 °C
Temperature out54 °CTemperature out64,1 °C

watergekoelde turbolucht koeling

Brand Independent
E.g.: Deutz, Volvo, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Baudouin, John Deere, Cummins, Iveco, MTU