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Overhaul & repair

Heat exchangers and fans are subject to maintenance and contamination. Depending on whether it is an air-cooled application or a seawater-cooled application, accumulations of dirt or even leaks can occur over time. As additional brands within the Oversluizen organization, Industrial Radiateurs Service Oversluizen and Industrial Ventilators Service Oversluizen provides customers with a fast and professional solution for cooling related technical problems.

Own production facility

Because I.R.S.O. has its own production facility, a short lead time is guaranteed during service and repairs. In addition, I.R.S.O also carries out complete turnkey cooling projects, often in collaboration with the companies responsible for engine maintenance.

We like to think along with the customer and ensure minimal downtime of the machine. If necessary, alternative measures can be taken in consultation with the customer/client to further guarantee operational reliability during the repair.

Repair services:

  • radiators
  • oil coolers
  • intercoolers
  • fuel coolers
  • pipe coolers
  • plate heat exchangers
  • fans (axial)

Fan service (2 to 5 working days)

Oversluizen has been carrying the Multi-Wing brand for its axial fans for many years. These industrial axial fans are suitable for drives with a belt/pulley, hydraulic or electric motor. For several years we have expanded our service on this front and have more than 80% of the most commonly used Multi-Wing parts in stock.

With this service we can renew and repair original fans within a few working days. Because Oversluizen also calculates fans, other brands can also be replaced, taking into account maximum speeds, power and noise.

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With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, Oversluizen has carried out many projects since 1990 for the oil and gas industry, off-shore platforms, maritime, emergency power and agriculture.

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