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Fuel saving

Oversluizen has a broad portfolio for reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by making smart use of existing and new technologies in the field of cooling and electronics. A combination of these products can save 20 to 30% and can be implemented on all air-cooled coolers with minimal adjustments.


Regardless of which cooler supplier is chosen, all suppliers have to calculate with the most ‘unfavourable’ moment. In many cases these are ambient temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius or higher, 100% or 110% engine power and a contamination percentage of the cooler. This combination of worst-case scenarios boosts the required fan power to an average of between 5% and 10% of the motor’s mechanical shaft power. This simply means that the motor, regardless of whether mechanical power is taken, is loaded at 5 to 10% power by only the fan, even at temperatures many times colder than 45 degrees Celsius.


By making the fan temperature controlled with the OTE Controller (folder) and placing a few sensors, it is possible to make both existing (retrofit) and new coolers temperature controlled. With the in-house developed OTE controller, most types of drives can be controlled. Electric, hydraulic and engine driven coolers can be converted, enabling enormous noise and fuel savings.

Smart use of residual heat

In addition to the unnecessary fan power at low temperatures, the motor water is also provided with large amounts of heat that can be usefully used for other applications such as central heating or auxiliary heating of other engines. The rule here is that the higher the temperature, the more can be recovered. The combination of heat recovery and the OTE Controller will give the highest possible efficiency with minimal adjustments.


  • easy fuel saving
  • applicable to existing systems
  • alarms and feedbacks
  • 4-20mA inputs and outputs + PWM
  • Depending on the sensor, the reaction speed can be set.
  • Control 3 systems with 1 OTE Controller
  • noise saving

Brand Independent
O.a.: Deutz, Volvo, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Baudouin, John Deere, Cummins, Iveco, MTU

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