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Flexxaire reversible fans

The patented solution of the originally Canadian company has technology that makes it possible to reverse the airflow via the neutral position of the fan with little to no power needed. This can be used to blow the radiator clean.

Flexxaire reversible fans for industry and agriculture

With years of experience in industrial cooling, Oversluizen has become a distributor of Flexxaire since March 2022. The technical solutions in the field of fail-safe and controlling using a variety of sensors makes it the perfect solution for industrial and agriculture applications.

Advantages of the Flexxaire solution:

  • No need to go lower in RPM when reversing the airflow
  • Fail-safe mode (always 100% cooling if there are problems)
  • Various control solutions (simple and extensive)
  • Controllable via CAMBUS protocols
  • Minimum sound pressure (when using adjustable blade angle IVP)



  • Pre-set blade angle, from +40° for cooling to -40° for cleaning
  • Blade angle can be reversed at maximum speed without overloading the motor or pulleys.
  • Automatic self-adjustable reversing timer (duration and frequency)
  • Manual control for reverse function

Infinite Variable Pitch (IVP)

All the possibilities of 2 positions, plus:

  • Automatic adjustable blade angle setting between 0° and +40° for optimum performance and minimum fuel consumption
  • Adjustable to 4 different temperatures (for example engine water, air inlet and hydraulics)
  • Forced neutral (0°) for fast engine warm-up, or for very cold environments

Hydraulics and compressed air

  • Control by hydraulics (35 bar to 241 bar)
  • PCompressed air using optional compressor


Due to the spring-loaded pistons, the blade angle will move to the maximum position in case of any problems. This solution prevents the motor from stopping due to overheating.


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