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Aalborg Micro

This exhaust gas cooler is suitable for cooling exhaust gases from both fuel engines and gas turbines. These Aalborg Micros are suitable for capacities from 250 kW to 5 MW, with which both hot water and steam can be produced up to 39 bar. Dry running is possible up to a gas temperature of 530°C!


Due to the finned pipes, the Micro has a relatively compact construction and is suitable for:

  • Exhaust gases from combustion engines: diesel, biogas, natural gas and HFO (heavy fuel oil).
  • Small gas turbines.
  • Process gases from dryers, ovens, incinerators, ceramics, glass, battery production.
  • Steam boiler as economizer.


The available materials for the internal piping are Corten and stainless steel, these are suitable for:

  • hot water: district heating, HVAC, process applications
  • TEG (Tri-ethylene-glycol): district heating, HVAC, process applications
  • thermal oil
  • steam: process applications, steam turbines, service steam

Standard model

  • mounting feet
  • drain (only available for horizontal models).
  • integrated control valve incl. electric actuator (4-20 mA)


  • soot blower for compressed air, water or steam
  • steam cyclone + control equipment


  • diameter: from 950mm to 1870mm
  • height: 1700mm to 2800mm
  • weight: 400kg to 3900 kg
  • flange connection gas side: DN450 to DN1000
  • flange connection pipe side: DN100

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